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The Provincial Grand Conclave of West Yorkshire

In the Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David & Jonathan

In Memoriam

At this troubled time of the Coronavirus we will all unfortunately have Masonic friends not members of our Order who will enter the Grand Lodge Above.

The Provincial Grand Lodge website has an “in memoriam” page which can be accessed by clicking here.  

It is with deep regret we mourn the passing to the Grand Conclave Above of

R. Wy. Bro. Brian Clifford Wareham



29th December 2020

Brian attended the 100th celebrations of Odersfelt Conclave No 35 and was the Consecrating Officer for The Scarlet Cord Conclave of West Yorkshire No 538 (now Calder Vale Consistory No 19 T.I.)

R. Wy. Bro. John Brackley



2nd    January 2021

 John was also Grand Recorder from 2005 to 2012

The Provincial Grand Conclave of West Yorkshire remembers those Brethren who ascended to the Grand Conclave Above during the year.

“Where pain, distress and sorrow never penetrate, where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are ever at rest. There the harmony is unbroken and peace, perfect peace, reigns eternally supreme.”

Wy. Bro.

David Malcolm Cordell


Bishop Blaize Conclave No 48

Lux Diei Conclave No 474

30th January 2020

Wy. Bro.

James Barry Wilson


Dore Conclave No.329

Lux Diei Conclave No. 474

West Yorkshire PSRs Conclave No 429

31st May 2020

Wy. Bro.

Robert Henri Alphonse Zemmaer


Skyrack Conclave No 32

9th June 2020


Roy Kenneth Slater

Bishop Blaize No 48

20th July 2020

Wy. Bro.

John Michael Slater


Bawtry Conclave No 354 (Hon.)

5th October 202

R. Wy. Brio.

John Dyson


Skyrack Conclave No 32


1st November 2020

Wy. Bro.

Stephen Handel Jones


Bawtry Conclave No 354

Bishop Blaize Conclave No. 48

Lux Diei Conclave No. 474

West Yorkshire PSRs Conclave No 429

3rd November 2020